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    Welcome to Carrefour Jordan supermarket, where the bounties of nature meet the convenience of technology to provide you with a variety of fresh vegetables daily through the Carrefour Jordan app and website.

    At Carrefour Jordan, we are committed to providing fresh vegetables daily from the farms to your homes to ensure you have the highest quality ingredients of vegetables to prepare delicious dishes and recipes. Whatever you're looking for, we offer you a diverse selection of fresh vegetables daily, including cucumber, tomato, onion, potato, eggplant, and other assorted vegetables, making it a distinctive and delicious choice for vegetarians.

    We are pleased to offer you free delivery for orders of 30 JDs or more when you choose regular delivery, and we also provide you with a fast delivery service and great offers. Wherever you are in Jordan, whether in Amman, Irbid, or any other city, you can easily and quickly place your order through the Carrefour Jordan app or website.