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Tercet West Raspberry Frozen 300 Gram
Tercet West Raspberry Frozen 300 Gram
Tercet West Raspberry Frozen 300 Gram

Tercet West Raspberry Frozen 300 Gram

Pack size : 300 Gram

JOD 4.900(Inc. VAT)

Sold & Delivered by Carrefour
Tercet West - At the age of 10, Emil nemarnik was the only child in his family of 12 to immigrate to the united states from Italy. Emil began his produce career working in a grocery store to pay his way through college. While working at the store he met his future bride, Kathleen Spada. After graduating, he continued to work in the produce industry buying, selling, and brokering produce until 1976 when the company he worked for was sold. At the age of 50, he was out of work with five children to support and unsure of what the future held. To make matters worse, Emil was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and told his mobility would quickly decline. Undaunted, Emil mortgaged his house, sold his car, and found a bank that would lend him money. In 1977 his hard work paid off and Tercet West fruit company opened its doors as the smallest produce distributor in Portland with eight employees, five of which were family members. Since then, tercet west fruit company has grown into one of the largest independently owned produce distributors in the pacific northwest. Tercet west fruit company is dedicated to continuing its legacy by providing the freshest produce from farm to family.
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These are raspberries, Bits of yummy crispy fruits. This is real fruit itself excellent addition to any kitchen stock at it compliments health. What is even better about these best freeze dried food is that these fruity crunchy bits not only taste great but are devoid of any sort of preservatives. These freeze dried raspberries tastes perfect. Just as you would imagine any fresh fruit to, cleanses your palate just the same.


Storage Condition

Frozen at -18C to -16C